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Art photographs for on your wall.

I call them Mood images.”

Beautiful traditional Cambodian dancer with crown in the dark with flowers
Order here: Beautiful traditional Cambodian Apsara dancer offers a blessing with lotus flowers

Photographer Michael Klinkhamer present here some of his best decorative images designed to hang on the wall. Michael has lived and worked as a photographer in South East Asia-Cambodia since 2010 until recent.

You can order the pictures online in a variety of materials and sizes. They will be shipped to you doorstep to most European locations within days after your order has been completed.

Please check the website here to browse through the collection and place your order:

Red wall and faded Blue doors' van Michael Klinkhamer
Order here: Red wall and faded Blue doors.

“I am originally from Amsterdam. Normally I organize photography workshops in Cambodia and Thailand. Unfortunately since the Covid crisis we had to take massures and are now temporary based back in Amsterdam. Hopefully we can return to work in Asia as soon as possible.

Here I present some of my most treasured pictures mainly from Cambodia and offer them for sale to the public as a gift or personal decorative object of photography art.

Lotus flowers on wood
Order here: Lotus flowers Trinity

Available for all kinds of fine-art printing. From prints on photo paper, fine art canvas material, plexiglass and dibond materials, even wallpaper, etc. From a small personal print up to larger sizes, framed and ready to hang on your wall.

During the many photography adventures I constantly discover new possibilities to find special and often personal “spiritual” photos that keep you looking at it for many years with joy and inspiration.

Delicate flowers in black and white by Michael Klinkhamer
Order here: Delicate flowers in black and white

My intention is alway to open a view, offer a good mood and surprise.

Yellow orchids on black and white background
Order here: Yellow orchids on black and white background

Look every time to discover something new. Images that bring a sense of happiness.I call them “Moodimages. Pictures consisting of decorative landscapes, flowers, weathered walls, and other beautiful observations.

High quality photos that are perfectly suitable for hanging printed and framed large on the wall. Above your sofa or in your bedroom. The photos are also very suitable for companies, conference rooms or restaurants. They have the ability to transform a blank wall into a sacred garden or point of peaceful reference everytime you look at your art on the wall.

Contact me directly for inquiries, pricing and orders. We will discuss the size, material to print and your wishes to own one of these timeless photographs.

The MOODIMAGES Collection:

Big water drop on lotus flower in Cambodia
Order here: Tears in the Rain
Angkor Wat monk walking during sunset photography
Order here: Monk walking during sunset near Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia
Golden buddha statues in Cambodia
Order here: Golden buddha statues in Cambodia
Into the Blue old blue wall and blue door in Cambodia
Order here: Into the Blue old blue wall and blue door in Cambodia
Bright purple and white flowers on green lotus leave in Cambodia
Order here: Bright purple and white delicate flowers on green lotus leave in Cambodia.