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Solo exhibition Joram Baruch. Art on holy ground

Solo exhibition Joram Baruch on 18 to 20 September 2020 from 5:00 pm to 20:00 pm at Zwanenburgwal 178.

Joram Baruch exhibition paintings

Art and colour on Amsterdam holy ground.

Joram Baruch will exhibit his well-known and new paintings throughout the weekend in his intimate pop-up gallery solo show. Michael Klinkhamer was present at the opening on Friday afternoon to speak to the artist again and to photograph him himself.

“I so am excited to bring friends back together” I hear Joram say to a visitor.

“That is so nice about this moment that I feel good and positive and creative”.

Joram Baruch portrait photo by Michael Klinkhamer

The neighbourhood needs art

Also because I can still do it from this studio location on the Zwanenburgwal. I want to stay here and I can, but the housing corporation is about to impose a commercial rent and high security deposit and contract costs.

Costs which could be incurred but which are too high for me at the moment because of Corona. Hope to come to some sort of deal with them, we will see. I believe that through my art and also social function here I can offer the neighbourhood and this beautiful canal.

Show how the neighbourhood can make good use of this gallery to attract a diverse audience and not just ice cream or syrup waffle shops or design boutiques or coffee shops.

Joram Baruch painting Prince and David Bowie
Joram Baruch exhibition in Amsterdam

Certainly along the Zwanenburg Wall, an intimate small-scale location with art and colour is needed, right opposite the gigantic Stopera building.

It has been culturally dark and empty there for months now. If I have to leave here anyway, this building will be a dark empty hole for months to come.

Let us say the famous life of the artist.

Around the corner used to be a painter who had to endure high peaks and valleys. Now it’s a museum, the Rembrandt House.”

“The show must go on” according to Joram Baruch

Joram Baruch painting in red

Most people already know the work and buy a painting from me very consciously and thoughtfully. Although of course it always remains a very personal emotional choice and an honour for me when someone buys a David Bowie painting. That is a fan of Bowie’s and also of mine, apparently, because they apparently like my interpretation.

Come along, the show is still until Sunday.

Joram Baruch painting of David Bowie and Prince exhibition