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Klinkhamer Photography ~ Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world

Michael is a professional photographer with extensive experience in portraits, travel/street photography and the photo studio. Since 2013 I offer in depth photography classes, coaching, casual photo walks and our longstanding photo tours and safari in Phnom Penh – Cambodia.

Cambodia Photography Tours and Photo Safari Experiences in Phnom Penh- Angkor Wat and Cambodia wide since 2013.

At this moment , June 2022 we are based in The Netherlands

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For digital and analog-film photography classes and photo experiences in Holland. Check here our AirbnB workshops

Cambodian Photo Tours and Safari will be available again from November 2022.

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  • Cambodia-Phnom Penh portraits poverty
  • Cambodia on film 2022 (143)
  • Busy street Phnom Penh
  • Phnom penh street 130 sunset
  • Phnom Penh Cambodia nightscape
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CAMBODIA 14 day photo safari.

From November 2022- March 2023 we host multi day photo tours and safari to Cambodia. Join in packages with flights from Amsterdam or Dusseldorf to Bangkok- and Phnom Penh. All levels of competence are welcome.

Contact me for more information about departure dates in November-December, etc.

We love to breath photography and travel. Excited to inspire, engage with the locals and show you the best hidden locations in Cambodia – Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) Private 1:1 classes are available on digital and analog film photography.

Ask for our itinerary for Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat and/or Mekong river photo adventures.

Discover Cambodia like a local. Our photo tour experience is very informal and hands-on. You will improve your photography skills and “decisive moment” observations immensely and go home with the images to prove it.

Please check our Intagram page for regular photo updates.

36 exposures is the my latest magazine release on Cambodia you can find here:

Street Photography, Portrait, Travel, Architecture and Automotive. I am happy to share my 30+ years of experience with you.

Reportage & Street story telling Photography

Discover and practice telling stories through reportage and portrait photography. “Mekong river Cham community special population group in Cambodia or the Aborigines in Australia.

  • Cambodia-Phnom Penh portraits poverty
  • Phnom Penh_skyline Cham floating village
  • Cambodia on film 2022 (143)
  • Boy in Cambodia with eye problems_klinkhamerphoto
  • cataract surgery_boy Cambodia hospital_eyecare_klinkhamerphoto

Photography Is a perfect way to highlight what deserves light and attention. Adding subtle “layers” in the subject or persons, in order to show them in their full potential. “One of pictures or as series.”

Photos and written text combined are a powerful combination. Very rewarding to edit your own “image content” into a intersting blog read or magazine articles to tell your story. Within our photo tours and workshops we work hard to coach you with your visual story telling. We can help you to learn how to put your story into a rewarding publication or exhibition.

Here at I publish and exclusively share my photos and stories (blog) and here you can regularly follow the new special projects.

With studio photography you are sculpting a new reality with light and filters. Capturing the magic of what exists or arises by it self spontaneously is the most pure form of photography.

Street photography is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding kind of photo work you can do. It can be a meditative social exercise and highly rewarding when you hit the bullseye.

Street photography is all about self and your surrounding awareness. Trying to be inspired, responsive and in in the moment by being visual active capturing a reality.


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  • Cambodia_Phnom-Penh_-coverup-man-and-woman
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  • Cambodia_Phnom-Penh-mother-with-child-in-a-alley
  • Cambodia_Phnom-Penh-market-rickshaw-driver
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Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world

Michael, a romantic and optimistic rebel living in an ever more complex world full of images and stories to tell. Experienced with 30+ years in the photo industry. Inspired to record the chaos and beauty of our world with a camera. Observations with an eye for beauty in what’s around us.

Please contact me for information or any other queries. Thanks for your attention!