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Crossing a bridge in Cambodia

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All my life I have been fascinated by images. As a photographer, I make portraits and reportages for the well-known “glossy” and opinion magazines.

In recent years I have been mainly active in Southeast Asia with my photography workshops and photo tour company.

Phnom penh street 130 sunset
Phnom Penh City at Sundown

Fantastic photo experiences in Phnom Penh and at Angkor Wat. Working with other photographers from all over the world who hire me for a unique Cambodia experiences through the lens.

In Cambodia, I did daily photo tours for 7 years and regularly made videos and photography for NGOs such as Kinderpostzegels and Oxfam-Novib. Portraits and street photography and making special photo journalism have my focus there in Asia.

cambodia men portrait gallery
Portraits are an exchange of cultures and understanding.
phnom penh temple gate sunset
Phnom Penh Night photo tours are very popular because the light and street activity.

I’m always looking for an image that touches the eye, and in particular ‘the decisive moment’ plays an important role in this. Every image must have a story in which the beauty is inside. Filters obscure the truth. I love real and pure. That’s how life is. That’s how I am.

Portrait photography

I am fascinated by every person. As a photographer I have always been curious and people always have a story. If I can capture that story in images, my photo is a success. Once behind the camera I want to burn that one moment of sadness, happiness, anger or passion into my lens.

Famous Dutch writer and artist Jan Cremer.
John Irving bestseller author
John Irving bestseller author (World according to Garp)

During my career I have been lucky to meet many different people and to work for some of the best magazines and clients to do what I do best, Portrait, Travel, Architecture and Automotive Photography. I am happy to share my 30+ years of experience with you.


Roman Polanski is a Polish-French film director, producer, writer, and actor.

Reportage Photography

Discovering and telling stories through reportage and portrait photography is my passion. About famous or undiscovered artists or about a special population group in Cambodia or the Aborigines in Australia. And ofcourse my hometown Amsterdam.

Making portraits is also my profession. I worked in corporate, fashion, for opinions magazines. In my job I try to highlight what deserves light and attention and always look for hidden layers in the subject or person in order to show them to their full potential.

I write text about unique people and stories. With my photos and text, I combine that into a wonderful read and watch story. I’ve made many wonderful travel photo stories in Cambodia, China, Hawaii and many other places around the world. But also inspiring interviews with international figures such as photographer Peter Beard, artist Jan Cremer, painter Peter Klashorst, architect Daniel Libeskind, etc.

Here at I publish and exclusively share my photos and stories and here you can regularly follow my new special projects.

Join me! 

Street Photography

With studio photography you are sculpting a new reality with light and filters, something I am very experienced in. I also like to capture the magic of what exists or arises spontaneously. That’s why I can wander the streets for hours until just that one ray of sunshine indicates an unforgettable moment. That can also be a raindrop or falling leaves. As long as it attracts my attention and something original arises.

The coolest Mercedes Benz in Amsterdam

This spontaneous photography next to the more designed and produced work has also let me to organize various photo tours in the Netherlands and Cambodia. 1 : 1 sessions or in a small group.

Photo Tours Cambodia

In 2010 I received some very nice assignments in Cambodia and Korea. I liked life there very much as a photographer and I saw a lot of possibilities.

In 2013, I decided to move permanently to my new home town of Phnom Penh. I was captivated by the culture, the traditions, the people and the landscape.

That is why I organise various photo tours to in and around Phnom Penh. Also to the world heritage Angkor Wat Temples and photo tours along the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. Read more about photo tours in Cambodia here.

Photo Tours The Netherlands

Amsterdam is my hometown and a few months a year I stroll along the canals, the old town, the Jordaan and of course around the river IJ where a whole new world comes into being. Here the old history of Amsterdam is slowly being replaced by a new generation of artists and free-spirited people who give the city a 21st century colour. Read more about photo tours in the Netherlands here.

Yellow orchids on black and white background
Yellow orchids on black and white background
Spiritual orchids offerings in a bowl of water
Spiritual orchids offerings in a bowl of water
Incense sticks in a jar in Cambodia
Incense sticks in a jar in Cambodia

About me – Michael Klinkhamer

I am a romantic and optimistic rebel living in a complex world full of images and stories. Sometimes I don’t seem to have outgrown the aftermath of the hippy era and other times I seem to be stunned in disbelief what suffering and injustice this world brings about. Without prejudice I try to record what is there and with a clear opinion I defend my moral compass in words and images.